5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Young And Fresh

We all sabotage our skin, most of the time without even realising how. Our skin is affected by almost everything we do, or on the flip side of that, sometimes the things that we don’t do! The good news is that we can improve our skin’s appearance and youthfulness by being a bit more conscious of things like our exposure to the sun, diet, bad habits and skincare routine. All of these factors contribute to the production of collagen in our skin, which gives it structure. Even from as young as 20 years old, collagen levels can start to decrease by 1% per year, resulting in loss of elasticity, volume and brightness.

By keeping the following tips in mind, you’ll keep your skin looking as young and fresh as possible:

1. Reduce the Rays:

Excess sun exposure and UV rays damage the collagen structures in our skin. This means that too much tanning is not only bad for our skin but that it actually speeds up the natural ageing process and gives us wrinkles.

However, there are things we can do to keep our skin looking healthy and youthful. Embrace the pale skin look. or if you really can’t live without a tan, then it’s time to fake it! False tanning products are inexpensive and readily available in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

Whilst outdoors, wear protective clothing and SPF. Add it into your moisturiser or makeup base to ensure that even when you forget to apply sun cream, you will still have a protective layer between you and the sun.

Failing that, there are great products available that can undo the damage caused by the sun.

2. Embrace skin-friendly foods:

Diet has a huge impact on our skin. Foods that are overly processed and high in sugar can cause glycation, whereby the sugars attach to the protein molecules in the body. These glycated proteins are known as Advanced Glycation End products, or AGEs, and in fact, they have exactly that effect on the skin. The AGEs break down collagen and elastin and can result in premature ageing.

Coffee tends to dehydrate skin, making fine lines more pronounced. Quench thirsty skin by drinking lots of water or green tea instead. It will thank you by looking plumper and dewier.

Studies show that people who consume foods rich in Vitamin C are less likely to develop wrinkles. Foods such as red pepper, oranges, kiwi and leafy green vegetables like broccoli and sprouts stimulate the production of collagen. Avocados also contain Vitamin C and essential fats, a perfect excuse for that avo-toast at brunch. Or alternatively, you can have a pamper session and even use it as a face mask! Other foods to add into your diet include nutrient rich grains and complex carbohydrates as well as carrots and tomatoes, which contain beta-carotene. Once digested beta-carotene converts into Vitamin A.

As women go through the menopause, oestrogen levels drop, causing wrinkles and other signs of ageing. It is important to replace them with plant oestrogens, in foods such as hummus, nuts, soy and pinto beans.

3. Ban Bad Habits:

We all know that certain habits aren’t good for us but we rarely realise the extent of the repercussions on our skin. For example, smoking not only puts our general health at risk but also causes our skin to age. Smoking reduces circulation and oxygen in the skin and prevents absorption of Vitamin C.

Similarly, alcohol consumption dehydrates the skin and reduces its ability to repair itself and generate new cells. Try to have a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink. It will re-hydrate your skin and leave you feeling much fresher the next day.

Stress is another factor by which we unwittingly damage our skin. It increases cortisol levels, which break down skin cells. Combat this by exercising – the endorphins keep stress levels at bay and promote blood flow, giving your skin an extra glow. Finally, getting adequate sleep every night prevents dark circles and gives skin time to repair.

4. Celebrate skincare:

How often have you fallen straight into bed, exhausted by the day, and were too tired to take off your makeup? This practice can cause a build-up of oil and dirt, leading to acne or bacterial infections. For this reason, it is so important to remove makeup. Use this time for yourself, develop a routine to relax and take the impurities of the day off your face.

Exfoliate your skin using products containing AHAs/BHAs to remove dead skin cells, improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Massage your face to boost collagen and stimulate lymph nodes, and make sure to cleanse and moisturise. Retinol products can be hugely beneficial to renew your skin’s surface and luminosity. A skincare routine allows your skin time to breathe and regenerate overnight. A last tip is to avoid picking at your skin or popping pimples, no matter how tempting, as doing so can leave scarring and marks on your skin, and enlarge pores.

5. Cosmetic Procedures:

There are a wide variety of cosmetic treatments to enhance our natural skin and offer an extra helping hand. Whether you are looking to improve wrinkles, treat scarring and pigmentation or boost your skin’s luminosity, there is a procedure to ensure that your skin looks the best that it can.

Jet-Peel Treatment
exfoliates the skin using water and oxygen, improving its texture, hydration and circulation. The all-natural deep cleanse, adds oxygen, moisture and plumpness back into the skin. If you have problem areas or any specific concerns, vitamins and other ingredients can be infused into the solution.

  • Oxygen Lift rejuvenates and refreshes skin. The 5-step process infuses skin with oxygen, plant stem cells, peptides and botanical enzymes to boost skin’s luminosity, hydration and of course, oxygen levels.
  • Skin Peels are an exfoliating, resurfacing treatment to improve texture, firmness, appearance of wrinkles and brightness. There are a wide variety of skin peels available, both natural and pharmaceutical, including the Image Skincare range.

All of these treatments are available at Thérapie Clinic. Book a consultation to explore the best option for you and your skin by calling 1890 650 750 or clicking below.