Cosmetic versus Cosmeceutical Products: What is the Difference?

Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals are widely misunderstood. Both benefit the skin and your overall beauty, so it helps to understand the differences. While most companies will label their products as cosmetics, it is important to understand what classifies a product as a cosmeceutical—that way you know what you are buying.

What is a Cosmetic?
Cosmetics is a term most consumers know. These products can range in price and they make you feel beautiful. Often they have added fragrances, colours, silicone and active ingredients. Some come in fancier bottles, and there are many that are endorsed by movie stars and models.

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A cosmetic can be purchased just about anywhere – including online or in-store. They are over-the-counter products because they are safe to use. While there are some brands that keep their products organic or all natural, there are others that are full of petroleum, parabens, mineral oils and high levels of silica.

What is a Cosmeceutical?
Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products that have active, biological ingredients added to them. These added ingredients offer drug-like or medical benefits. The bioactive ingredients used may improve a person’s skin and offer far more benefits than traditional cosmetics.

Essentially, cosmeceutical products make a difference to your skin, while cosmetics do not. Cosmeceuticals appear and are used just like cosmetics, but they often do not have the same dangerous fillers and use just the right amount of their active ingredients to make a notable difference once they are used.

Understanding the Effectiveness
Cosmeceutical products often make claims that they can eliminate wrinkles, reduce fine lines or even remove acne. These claims are not false and they are not just put on a label to sell the product. The cosmeceuticals that promote such claims often have gone through significant research and testing to support their statements. These are performed in a controlled environment to preserve test results.


Where You Buy Cosmeceuticals Matters
Finding quality cosmeceuticals often comes down to where you purchase your products. Thérapie Clinic offers a wide range of cosmeceuticals that are effective and safe to use.

Whether you want to clear up your skin or just reduce the signs of aging, Thérapie Clinic offers cosmeceutical products and a range of skincare treatments for our clients. Call us on 0800 511 8554 or find a clinic near you to learn more about the products we carry.