Laser 360 Treatment

What is Laser 360?

Laser 360 is a pioneering, new skin rejuvenation procedure and the most akin to a facelift in terms of radical results, just without any of the discomfort or serious downtime.

Using a revolutionary combination of three different light-based technologies, this ground-breaking new treatment delivers brighter, younger and healthier-looking skin, from the inside out. Laser 360 treats discolorations and fine lines, deep within the skin to give you a dramatically younger and revitalized look, in just 60 days.


How does the Laser 360 Treatment work?

Skin resurfacing: Laser 360 stimulates new collagen to grow, which improves your skin’s texture and tone to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin tightening: Laser 360 also firms up any loose skin around your eyes, nose and jaw so you regain a more youthful, contoured appearance. The skin tightening treatment uses near infrared light to create deep heating in your body, which facilitates the skin’s remodelling.

Skin color: Laser 360 eliminates superficial pigmented and vascular marks, evens out your skin color and reduces tiny broken blood vessels.
Combining all three technologies will leave you with fresher, smoother and dramatically younger-looking skin, in fact a complete skin rejuvenation.


Younger-looking skin in just 60 days


The Results – Before & After Pictures

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser 360

Is the Laser 360 laser treatment safe?

Yes. Laser 360 has been used on thousands of patients across the globe with beautiful results, and the devices that deliver Laser 360 have been cleared by the FDA for more than 60 aesthetic and medical applications.

How long will a Laser 360 treatment take?

Each laser treatment takes just a few minutes. During each session, you may have treatments that involve more than one of the Laser 360 technologies. Your exact treatment regimen will depend on your individual condition. Before you get started, we will explain each of the treatments you should have and how long you should wait between treatments.

Do I need to plan for time off for the treatments?

No. Laser 360 requires no “down” or recovery time. You can have a treatment and can usually return to work immediately, certainly by the following day.

How many Laser 360 treatments will I need?

Your exact treatment regimen will depend on the condition of your skin and your aesthetic goals; you may require more than one Laser 360 treatment. Your skin will be assessed and your Therapie Clinic skincare expert will discuss your expectations with you.

How long will my results last after a Laser 360 Treatment?

Laser 360 is the ideal procedure to eliminate the discoloration, textural irregularities and other signs of ageing that make your skin look older. You can schedule a touch-up treatment whenever you wish to maintain the healthy glow and smooth skin that this treatment can bring.

What alternatives to Laser 360 are available?

Creams and lotions used at home, but they usually provide only a slight benefit and must be used indefinitely to maintain even modest results.

Other laser and light-based devices work well, but they typically focus on just one aspect of skin rejuvenation (colour, texture, or tightening).

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