‘Pimples’ has become a catch-all term for spots of all kinds, but in fact a pimple is a specific stage in the life of a blemish. Pimples are annoying because they are often sore, always red and invariably tend to pop up overnight before something important. It’s as if they know the very worst time to arrive-and tend to choose the most obvious place on your face, too.
There is a huge temptation to ‘pop’ them; to squeeze the zit, to spend hours on front of the mirror looking at a pimple the size of Texas and torturing yourself and your skin trying to minimise it…which just makes it worse. Stop At It.

What Causes Pimples?

The hair follicles in your skin are tiny little tunnels through which the hair shafts grow. They’re linked to the sebaceous glands which produce the skin oil, or sebum, that usually travels up the hair shaft to come out onto your skin to help lubricate it. This process slows down as we get old, which is why elderly skin appears dried out and wrinkly.
When the sebaceous glands start to produce too much sebum, for a variety of reasons, it builds up inside the little tunnel of the follicle. Dead skin cells combine with this oil, making a soft gloopy plug inside the follicle.
If it stays this way, it’s a whitehead. If the plug becomes exposed to air through the opening at the top of the follicle on the skin, it oxidises and goes dark, becoming a blackhead.
If the plug of gunk causes the follicle to become inflamed, the skin becomes red and irritated and swollen around the area.
This, my friends, is a pimple. The plug of gunk is trapped inside the follicle, and can become quite nastily inflamed. It can even become infected by bacteria build-up, which leads to a very horrible blemish indeed.
Acne is a combination of a variety of different types of blemishes, varying in severity, but all with one thing in common-squeezing, picking, or scrubbing will not make them better; it will only make them worse as you’ll further irritate the skin.
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