Skin Care Treatment Tips

What do you want to achieve? This may sound like an obvious question, but the answer varies from person to person. The answer will determine the type of skin product you use and the skin care treatment you undergo. If all you want is to get rid of acne or acne scars there would be no point in buying an anti wrinkle cream or undergoing wrinkle treatment. So think carefully about what you want and the results you are looking for before purchasing anything or signing up to any treatment.


Products for skin care


What if I have a number of concerns or issues that need addressing? Most people will find that they want to correct and improve more than one area. It could be that they have old acne scars that need reducing, but at the same time they want to improve the general look and feel of their skin. If you feel you need expert help and advice then book a consultation at a Thérapie Clinic. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to take your through the available options to find a treatment that suits you.


Is there an overall treatment that can help with wrinkles, skin tone etc?


Yes, there are a number of skin care treatments that can address more than one concern. They are chemical peels, jet peels, microdermabrasion and laser skin rejuvenation. Each is capable of tackling a number of issues with varying degrees of severity.


Chemical peels


There are a number of different types of peel and each one goes a little deeper into the skin. The deeper they go, the more they can achieve; but the higher the risk. However, when performed by a professional the risks are minimal. If you decide to opt for a home chemical peel it is recommended that you seek professional advice before you make a purchase. Chemical peels can help with a range of complaints, from fine to deep wrinkles, scarring and skin pigmentation.




This uses a device that applies pressure to the skin, along with a solution that has tiny micro crystals in it. In effect, it helps to sweep away dead cells, leaving the skin looking brighter and more radiant. This skin care treatment can help remove fine lines, shallow scars and sunburn damage. In addition, it will also assist the skin by allowing it to absorb up to 50% more of the skincare products that are applied to it.


Laser skin rejuvenation


This treatment involves using a laser to pinpoint the areas that need to be addressed. The laser has multiple beams that target the area and create micro wounds in the skin. This may sound painful, but a local freezing agent will be used on the area to be treated, so you will not feel a thing. Laser treatment can help with wrinkles, sun damaged skin, scars, stretch marks and spider veins.