The Best Skin Analysis

The Revolutionary 3D Antera Skin Scanner

If you’re sick, you go to the doctor for a diagnosis in order to get the right treatment.


It’s the same with your skin; in order to get the right care for you, an accurate analysis is key in guaranteeing the best treatment for you.


In-depth Analysis of your Skin

Technology is your ally, because now at Thérapie Clinic you’ll find the revolutionary 3D Antera Skin Scanner. Based on advanced optical technology developed at Trinity College Dublin, this amazing device allows therapists to make an in-depth analysis of your skin to create an individual assessment.


A scan will measure wrinkle depth and severity, sun damage, redness; and even the amount of haemoglobin to judge the likelihood of red veins becoming noticeable.


Tailored Skin Treatments

Once you have a correct assessment of your skin and what the genuine, measurable issues are, you can then proceed to the tailored treatments you need armed with totally accurate and specific information. The Antera Skin Scanner will also provide an ongoing accurate picture of exactly how your treatments are improving your skin.


Skin Report


The state of the art graphics provide the therapist with images of exceptional quality so they can see the details of your skin closely, analyse it properly, monitor the effects of your treatments and even print reports. It’s genius; really, and the evidence of your reaction to products, peels, laser etc. is right on front of you, an objective picture eliminating any concerns about the efficacy of your skin treatment choices.


You can get before and after shots, measure your wrinkles, see pigmentation and sunspots, and it does multi-spectral analysis so you can quantify and measure everything you’re looking at. It’s just so clever.


Have a look at the skin care analysis page and you can see how the scanner puts an image on the monitor that your therapist can share with you, so you can see your own skin up close and personal in a way you’ve never seen it before. For further information please phone 1890 650 750.