Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks affect 90% of women, and unfortunately our pale Irish skin makes them very noticeable. Hips, belly, thighs; even upper arms-these horrid shiny stripes are very obvious and can make you quite self-conscious about your body.


What are the Different Types of Stretch Marks?


There are two different types of stretch marks, “striae distensae” or, in the case of pregnancy, “striae gravidarum”. They’re caused by growth spurts and rapid weight gain or loss. Stretch marks are unattractive and very difficult to get rid of, especially if they’ve passed the initial stage of being red or purple and have become white or silvery.


Minimising the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Prevention is always better than cure, but other than applying copious moisturiser and watching your diet there’s not an awful lot you can do. Thankfully, technology and treatments have advanced substantially in recent years, and a minimally invasive procedure called Micro-Needling or ‘collagen induction therapy’ is an effective method of minimising the appearance of your stretch marks.


Micro-Needling or ‘collagen induction therapy’.

Micro needling uses a device with tiny, closely- spaced needles, rolled along the skin. It creates teeny-weeny little holes without damaging the epidermis. The principle behind this non-surgical tightening procedure is that it creates a kind of controlled injury underneath the skins surface, inducing the body to produce more collagen in the treated area.


The skin then thickens and plumps up in response to the stimuli, reducing the appearance of fine line, scars, wrinkles, pigmentation and stretch marks. Serums are then applied, which are infinitely more effective as the pores are opened so the product can be absorbed deep into the skin.


The stretch marks that have gone white or silver are called atrophic, and are very responsive to this revolutionary treatment. They have stopped healing, but the stimulus of the micro-needles perforating skin reactivates the healing state and the skin layer rebuilds itself smoothly.


It’s not painful, and makes a dramatic improvement over a course of treatments, visible reducing the marks so you can finally say goodbye to those annoying, unsightly stripes.


For further information on Micro-Needling for Stretch Marks please call 1890 650 750.