Thérapie Clinic opens in Southgate, Bath

Thérapie Clinic: Bath Now Open!

Steeped in its history of Roman baths and hot springs, Bath is a city with a long history of being a place where you can look after yourself and be the best version of you. We’re so pleased to announce that we will be contributing to that ethos with the opening of our latest clinic in Bath. 

With over forty clinics and twenty years experience, we know a thing or two about delivering aesthetic treatments to customers wanting to look and feel their best. Thérapie Clinic: Bath is now open in the Southgate Shopping Centre and will be offering all our most popular treatments. The clinic is easily accessible with a car park under the shopping centre and Bath Spa train station just a four-minute walk away. 

The effective treatments you want 

When you’re wanting to feel confident in how you look, there are various treatments that you might seek. For example, you may seek skin that glows with health. At Thérapie Clinic: Bath, we’ll be offering a range of advanced skin treatments including facials, peels and micro-needling. Our clinic will also have a derma specialist who can treat a range of conditions such as acne scarring, pigmentation, and sensitivity. They will be able to advise you on all your skin needs. 

Alternatively, you might be looking to deal with unwanted hair growth. We are equipping our Bath clinic with the latest in laser hair removal machines so we can offer a full selection of treatments for both men and women. They’ll also be able to treat all skin types. Popular options include laser hair removal for legs, bikini line, face and back. 

Perhaps one of our most raved about treatments is our injectable options. Just like our other clinics, Bath will be able to offer you a natural look which enhances your features. You can choose from dermal fillers for areas where you’ve lost volume, lip injections to give you fuller lips, or anti-wrinkle injections to prevent or treat the signs of ageing. 

Free consultations and first-class service 

At Thérapie Clinic, we believe in providing affordable treatments without compromising on service. That’s why we offer free consultations both before and after your treatment. This means our medical professionals are able to assess your suitability for the treatment, complete a treatment plan that will give you the results you’re after, and share important aftercare information and advice.  

Our team includes two hundred qualified doctors, and all our professionals are qualified and experienced in delivering treatments. This ensures that your treatment is not only safe, but also successful. With over ten million treatments delivered, you can trust Thérapie Clinic: Bath to deliver first-class service and results. 

Booking with Thérapie Clinic: Bath

Our Bath clinic is now open. Booking your treatment is a straightforward process. Choose between booking your consultation online, or calling us on 08000 121 565. Alternatively, download our app, available in your app store. We look forward to meeting you when our doors open!