Want to Rejuvenate Your Skin? Look No Further Than The Oxygen Lift

A hectic routine, a stressful job, a few too many nights out – there are lots of things that can take their toll on your skin and leave it looking dull and jaded. It’s important to pay attention to this and act fast when you can with a treatment that will help restore vibrancy to your skin. One of the latest treatments taking over the skincare world is the Oxygen Lift, a five-step facial which rejuvenates and revives the skin, giving you a refreshed, youthful look. In other words, it is all the TLC your complexion needs. Here is the lowdown on what it entails and why you need to have it done.

What it is…

The Oxygen Lift is a five-step facial which hydrates, boosts and refreshes dull, tired or ageing skin (and even better, it’s suitable for all skin types). The treatment, which is incredibly relaxing, literally breathes new life into your complexion by infusing the skin with oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and high concentrations of enzymatic botanicals. In doing so, it targets and combats the damage inflicted by high stress levels, environmental pollutants, a poor diet, caffeine consumption and alcohol intake.

How it works…

  1. The skin will be thoroughly cleansed to remove dirt, makeup and impurities from the surface. In an instant, your complexion will be healthier, feel fresher and appear brighter.
  2. An Enzymatic Peel will then be applied to the face to remove any residual dead skin cells and stimulate both circulation and collagen production under the skin. This will help to reduce any fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin glowing with health.
  3. Step three involves an Oxygenating Masque that delivers oxygen to the skin. This is left on until maximum oxygenation is achieved.
  4. After that, a Stem Cell Enhancer will be applied to the skin. As well as a high concentration of stem cells, this enhancer contains botanicals and vitamin C which repair and revitalise.
  5. Last but not least, a tinted moisturiser (containing broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection) will be applied to give you an even and envious glow.

What it achieves…

The Oxygen Lift helps to revive, hydrate and improve the texture of dull, tired and ageing skin. As well as removing blackheads, blocked pores and dead skin cells, it aims to erase fine lines and wrinkles.

Furthermore, the treatment stimulates collagen production and gives the skin a luminous and refreshing glow. Essentially, it’s like your skin is taking a deep breath of fresh air. (Our skin feels better just reading about it!)

What happens after…

Nothing. That’s right, this particular treatment involves absolutely no downtime (unless you plan on spending the rest of the day admiring your fabulous complexion, which we wouldn’t blame you for). You can go back to your normal routine immediately and better still, the application of the tinted moisturiser means that you can head back to work or take yourself off to lunch without feeling exposed. No preparation is required either, which makes the whole process even more relaxing.

What it involves…

The Oxygen Lift works as a standalone treatment and is ideal in the lead up to those occasions when you want to look your best, but that’s not to say that you can’t go back for another session – trust us, you’ll want to! Pricing starts from €100 but clinics may offer deals depending on what you book in for so keep an eye out for those.

What to do now… If you’re interested in finding out more about or want to book a consultation for the Oxygen Lift (or any other skin treatments), check out the Thérapie Clinic website, call them on 1890 650 750 or book your consultation below.