Get ready for bikini season with a customized wax

To wax or not to wax is the question for many this summer, since the hot topic of the year seems to be whether to go ‘au natural’ or to embrace the minimalistic look when it comes to your bikini line.

Removing hair from the pubic area is not a new trend, with the practice dating back to 4,000 B.C. in some ancient cultures.

Records show that ancient Egyptians thought pubic hair was uncivilized, so they removed it with hand-crafted flint or bronze razors.

In more recent decades, practising some form of pubic hair removal was no big deal and nobody’s business, however in the last ten years the subject has been of much debate.

Standard Bikini Wax

This no-fuss bikini wax removes only the bare essentials that tend to protrude from your underwear or swimwear, so that the area is neat and contained.

The Standard Bikini Wax at Thérapie Northern Ireland is often the bikini wax of choice for women who would normally shave, but have become tired of razor burn and visible ingrown hairs on the skin.

Californian Bikini Wax

Also known as a high-leg bikini wax, this hot wax at Thérapie Clinic Northern Ireland removes hair underneath and a greater amount up top – a triangle of hair is left.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

Famed for its ‘landing strip’ the Brazilian removes hair underneath and the vast majority up top – a strip of hair is left.

Hollywood Bikini Wax

Many accredit Sex and the City with putting this type of wax on the map. This ‘all-off’ bikini wax removed all pubic hair.

Tailored Bikini Waxes

The most recent trend this year has been the ‘full bush Brazilian’ which removes hair underneath but leaves natural growth on the pubic bone untouched.

At Thérapie Clinic Northern Ireland we are more than willing to accommodate your bikini line preferences, so to make a waxing appointment at our Belfast, Newry or Derry/Londonderry clinic, call 08000 121 565.