Customized weight loss

The most successful way to lose weight and keep it off is to find something that works specifically for you.
The best way of ensuring effective, long term change is to choose a weight loss clinic that will comprehensively analyse your body and its requirements, using nutritional science to correct your metabolism with a personalized dietary plan.
SureSlim do exactly that, by teaching you how to nourish your body properly, so you burn fat instead of storing it.
The weight loss consultants know from listening to their clients that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work. People vary enormously; different schedules; different eating triggers; different metabolisms; different responses.
Your age, medical history, the kind of work you do, your blood type; all impact the kind of plan you’ll need to make a permanent difference.
It’s vital to develop a plan tailored for you; if it doesn’t suit your tastes or lifestyle, you just won’t stick to it. You’ll tell fibs in your food diary, make bargains with yourself while eating chocolate, and ‘treat’ yourself to a bottle of wine when you shouldn’t. Who are you kidding?
SureSlim create an individualized weight loss plan with you. It’s extremely personal to you, and designed to work for your body. They will measure your blood glucose levels, your BMI, your cholesterol-everything that helps them to build up a complete picture of your body’s current state of health.
These are then analyzed in detail at a laboratory, so an accurate idea of your bloods, hormones, metabolism and all the other factors contributing to your weight can be gleaned.
Your eating habits will be discussed in detail to formulate a picture of how and when you tend to sabotage your own efforts. Your likes and dislikes when it comes to food are also taken into account-no point in making you eat broccoli when you would rather poke out your eye with the fork-so together you can design an effective, agreed food plan.
Real food and real results are the name of the game with SureSlim; there are no supplements, bars or shakes to buy, and you don’t need to track down any rare organic delicacies from boutique shops. Normal food you buy at the supermarket is all you need, and in your food plan you’re told exactly how to prepare it, what amount of it you can have, and when.
There are usually about 6 different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you’re not going to be bored or go hungry; in fact most people say that they seem to be eating more on the food program, and losing weight, than they ever did when they were overweight.
Astoundingly, the vast majority of heavy people are in fact malnourished; in the sense that they do not get enough nutrition from the poor food choices they make, and very little of that food gets used as fuel; it just gets stored as flab.
Your consultant at the SureSlim clinic will spend quite a while chatting to you about things you have tried in the past; it helps them get an idea of what does and doesn’t work for you. A lot of people can lose weight on a fad diet or slimming regime; but keeping the weight off proves too hard as they haven’t made any kind of a lifestyle change, thus put on all the weight they lost-and more.
Your weight loss program will tailor your food plan to your ongoing requirements, so that you can maintain your healthy weight once you’ve lost the excess. The first month or two tends to see a relatively quick loss, and then naturally slows to a regular weekly loss until you hit goal weight.
Call SureSlim to book your consultation; take the realistic, achievable approach designed especially for you and become the slimmer healthier person you want to be. Call 1890 650 750 and start changing your life today.