How does Massage Help with Weight Loss?

People trying to lose weight can gain many benefits from massage, and there are a number of different types available at Thérapie Clinic. Massage lowers stress, improves mobility and circulation, and speeds recovery from injury.
It also helps flush impurities and toxins from the system, which is why it’s so important to drink substantial amounts of water afterwards, as then your body can focus on healthy foods (that you should be eating!) and get the maximum nutritional benefit from them.

A Massage Helps after Exercise

The whole idea of getting enough exercise is to feel good while losing weight or toning up-but you aren’t going to feel great if your flexibility is poor and you get sore after the gym or a long walk.
Massage helps reduce soreness and increase flexibility, by kneading the muscles and keeping them loose, so you don’t have to lie on the couch to recover from the gym for a few days-you can get back in there. The more you exercise; the better your flexibility will get, but a massage is of enormous help at the beginning, and is a pleasant reward once you’re fit.

Massage and Body Fat

There are many theories that regular massage helps break up the subcutaneous fat, allowing the fat to be reabsorbed into the body. A massage does not burn body fat per se; but what it does do is improve circulation and lymph drainage, which is instrumental in improving overall well-being.

Stress and Weight Loss

Massage is known to reduce in the body levels of cortisol, a hormone known as the “stress” hormone because it triggers the body’s “fight or flight” response. When your body is in a high-stress mode, the intestines slow or stop the digestion of food, so the body can focus on coping with the stress.
By halting the stress response, you allow your body to digest food properly and keep it from building up in your intestines. When your body functions properly, you feel better and look great, and weight-loss comes easier.

Incorporate Regular Massage into your Week

People striving to lose weight should consider incorporating massage in their weight-loss routine by scheduling a bi-weekly or weekly treatment; ask your Thérapie Clinic specialists what they would recommend for you.
The idea is to improve your body’s function and flexibility, meaning exercise is easier. It also provides an additional set of eyes to watch for and prevent any health problems or injuries caused by diet and exercise.
It’s also a delicious treat and a reward for maintaining your regime; the money you might have spent on take-aways, chocolate, wine or cigarettes is much better spent on improving your health!
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