Covid-19 | Updated Clinic Policies

At Thérapie Clinic we have taken every initiative to ensure our clients are treated in a safe environment.
All Clinics in England, Scotland & Northern Ireland are Now Open for All Treatments.


Appointment Preparation Checklist

You must complete your Consultation and Pre-Screening Questionnaire online prior to your appointment.
You can find this through the Therapie Clinic App/ Therapie Clinic online account.
This Consultation Form will also be sent as a link with your confirmation email prior to your appointment.

Please ensure you arrive at your appointment time, not beforehand.

Please ensure you attend your appointment alone.

If you are feeling unwell, suffering from a high temperature or a cough, please reschedule your appointment.

Your Appointment

Please use the Hand Gel provided to sanitise your hands when entering and exiting the clinic.

Clean Face Coverings must be worn to your appointment. Please note Therapie Clinic can provide Face Masks (£1) if required.

Gloves are available to wear but not required. If wearing gloves when entering the clinic, please place in the bin provided.

Some Additional Safety Measures

Extended Opening Hours – to reduce footfall in clinic.

Social Distancing Measures

Perspex Screens on all Reception Desks

All Staff Members will be wearing the appropriate PPE Gear, including Gloves, Masks, Visors and Disposable Aprons


We thank you for your co-operation and understanding at this time.

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