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laser-menLaser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal has become a highly popular treatment for men to get rid of unwanted hair. The most popular areas include back, shoulders and beard but we also treat many other areas. Waxing and shaving are just not a good long term solution and come with their own down falls, causing nicks and cuts, stubble and in-grown hairs.

Therapie Clinic is the leader in laser hair removal in Ireland. We use only the most advanced technology on the market, allowing us to guarantee successful results. What’s called “medical-grade” laser emits wavelengths of light which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair (melanin) and effectively destroys it (without affecting the skin). A course of six treatments is generally recommended but you will notice a visible difference after just two or three sessions.



Why choose Therapie Clinic



Guaranteed Results

We are the leaders in Laser Hair Removal in Ireland for very good reason – we deliver the most effective results. In fact, at Therapie Clinic we can actually guarantee your results. There are a number of reasons for this, including our experience and knowledge but the most important factor in helping you achieve the best results comes down to using only the most advanced technology – what’s called “medical-grade” laser will enables us to guarantee your results.

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Highly Experienced Laser Therapists

Our highly experienced team have collectively carried out more than 400,000 treatments to date and can help you achieve the best possible results. They under-go continuous and on-going training to ensure they are ahead of developments in the industry. We also endeavor to keep you with the same therapist throughout your course of treatments which most of our clients appreciate.





Affordable Prices

Laser hair removal is an affordable option at Therapie Clinic. We believe in value for money and only charging a fair and affordable price. We offer a number of different payment plans including pay per treatment option as well as free consultations. Why not find out if you could be suitable for Laser?

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Conveniently Located Clinics and Availability

Therapie Clinic is Ireland’s leading clinic for Laser Hair Removal. We have heavily invested in our facilities and technology and have greater availability than anyone else.Therapie clinic is conveniently located with clinics nationwide. Click on the link below to find your nearest clinic.

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Most Advanced Technology

It may not be a surprise to learn that the more advanced the technology – the better the results. It is for this reason that we use only the most advanced technology available. What’s called “medical-grade” laser allows us the confidence to guarantee your results. We guarantee we will deliver superior results in fewer sessions. Many salons and clinics offer a treatment called “IPL” which technically isn’t laser at all and delivers inferior results.

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