Special Offer on Laser Hair Removal

The female leg (and maybe sometimes the male leg, if you’re an athlete) is one of the most commonly plucked, waxed, shaved, depilated, threaded, bleached and sugared area of the body. It’s not surprising that Laser Hair removal is so popular, as it cuts out all that hard work you have to endure to have smooth, silky legs.

No Excuse for Hairiness this Winter

Laser treatment on your legs takes a while because of the amount of skin that must be treated. Therapie Clinic are offering a great deal on Laser Hair removal at the moment-you can get 3 areas lasered for the price of 2, so there’s no excuse for being fuzzy!

Best Time to have Laser Hair Removal

Winter is an excellent time to have the procedure, as exposure to sunlight is a big no-no after laser treatment, so why not have it done at a time when your skin can recover and you’re happy to cover up?

Stimulates Collagen Production

You’ll notice that Laser Hair removal has a nice side effect-it tends to stimulate collagen production in the skin, which improves the appearance of the skin on your legs and offsets the loose skin that comes with ageing.
Therapie Clinic only uses lasers, not IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for hair removal. Many salons may offer IPL for hair removal but it’s not very effective for this purpose and often risks scarring-it certainly won’t give you permanent hair reduction.

Best Lasers

Therapie Clinic use state of the art lasers with dynamic cooling devices to minimise any discomfort. Most clients liken the feeling of the laser to a ‘hot pinch’ or the snap of an elastic band. It’s not too uncomfortable, and you can also ask for a topical anaesthetic cream if you like. Some people like to take a paracetamol before treatment if they have particularly sensitive skin.
Laser hair removal for the legs is a good investment; you’ll have smooth, silky legs for the Christmas party season. Just call Therapie Clinic at 1890 650 750 to book your free consultation.