Botox and anti ageing treatments in Belfast are on the rise

The demand for Botox in Belfast has grown rapidly in the last 5 years, and with no signs of it slowing down any time soon it’s only going to keep growing. The number of people in Northern Ireland having Botox has soared into the thousands, with an ongoing rise of around 20% year on year. Therapié Clinic are the leaders in the aesthetic market, with so many of our clients putting their trust in our brand to deliver amazing results effectively and above all safely. Our Belfast clinic is located on 30-40 Ann Street, right in the heart of Belfast city centre, where our team of medical professionals have delivered thousands of Botox injections helping you to achieve a subtle, well rested look you will LOVE!

Botox is no longer seen as a treatment that is obtainable only by celebrities and socialites. Now more than ever, many of us are looking for a non-invasive way to slow down the clock on the aging process, favouring a refreshed, rejuvenated and youthful look. Many of us struggle with the tell-tale signs of aging. Those dreadful frown lines between the eyes, crows’ feet and indented lines on the forehead are pretty much inevitable as we age. Try as we might to fight the aging process with facials, serums and face masks, many of us are still left longing for that fresh faced look. This is where anti-wrinkle injections, more commonly known as Botox, can help. Our team of medical professionals at Therapié Clinic have years of experience in safely and skilfully delivering amazing, youthful results to our clients across Northern Ireland.

Anti ageing (Botox) treatment performed by a doctor at Thérapie Clinic

Of course getting older is not the easiest thing to come to terms with, but our team at Therapié Clinic can discreetly help you to achieve a natural, well rested look, allowing you to feel like the best version of you! This is something we have found our clients favour the most about anti-wrinkle injections at Therapié Clinic, you can still look like you, just the best version of you!

Consultations at Therapié Clinic
At Therapié Clinic we understand how important it is for our clients to feel like they are in safe and capable hands for all treatments. This is why we put great importance on our client consultations, so that we can assess your needs and concerns and determine the best course of treatment to suit you. At your consultation, we will take before photos, which remain strictly confidential, so that you can assess how effective the treatment is afterwards. After you have had your consultation with one of our professionals, you can book your treatment and start your journey towards a more youthful, fresh faced you!

How does the treatment work?
During the treatment, very small needles are used to inject Botox into localised areas of the skin in extremely small concentrations. It works by blocking nerve signals in the muscles where it is injected. When those nerve signals are interrupted, the affected muscle is temporarily relaxed, and the skin becomes smoother. Without movement of these selected muscles in the face, wrinkles become softer in appearance and fines lines are reduced. Some are actually removed completely leading to a more rejuvenated and refreshed look. With continued treatment, lines and wrinkles will appear less prominent with time as the muscles shrink and becoming less contracted.

The effects of Botox injections are not immediately visible, which is completely normal. You will start to see results take effect after 2-5 days, when the muscles beneath the skin begin to relax, and lines and wrinkles will become softer in appearance. The results are subtle and natural, making you look well-rested and more youthful. The best results will be visible about 2-3 weeks after the injections have been administered.

Before anti-wrinkle injections and after anti-wrinkle injections treatment, another happy customer happy with her results

Keep it up

Once you have had your first Botox treatment, it is standard practice to come back for a follow up appointment within 21 days. This allows us to assess the results of the treatment and adjust where necessary. This is of course included in the price.

Botox injections are not permanent and will fade over time. The effects of Botox will start to wear off after about 3 months, so it is important that you maintain your treatment in order to achieve optimal results. With regular treatment, Botox can not only dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but they can also prevent new lines from developing, as the muscle becomes more relaxed.

The treatment can be carried out in a matter of minutes by the highly experienced medical team at Thérapie Clinic. For more information on anti-wrinkle injections or to book your consultation, call us from the UK and Northern Ireland on 0800 012 1565 or from the Republic Ireland on 1890 650 750 and discover a more youthful, revived and rejuvenated you!