Cellulite Treatments

Hate your thighs? Despise your derriere? Then you’re going to love the groundbreaking treatment called VelaShape™ from Thérapie Clinic.
VelaShape™ is a highly effective way to help minimise the appearance of the ‘cottage chess’ lumpy texture of the areas affected by cellulite.
When the structure under the skin is forced into odd shapes by the build up of fluids, toxins and fatty deposits, the surface of the skin gets dimpled. Pulled down in some parts pushed up in others-this is what causes the unattractive lumpiness that is cellulite’s best known calling card.


Vela Shape™ is a very clever device developed specifically to help us with our cellulite. It’s a pain-free roller and suction device which uses infra red to break down the fatty deposits, and mechanically manipulate the tissue so that the dreaded lumpiness is evened out.


Vela Shape™ is the only FDA approved non surgical device proven to eliminate cellulite. It was voted the Number One Cellulite Procedure in 2009 at the American Health and Beauty Awards by a grateful public, and the staff at Thérapie Clinics are experts in using it to optimum effect.
It’s fantastic for contouring and firming problem areas like thighs, stomach, bum and even upper arms. It’s ideal for post-pregnancy body fat and reshaping. The offending fat chambers shrink, and the physical application of the roller helps redistribute everything, making a big difference to the way you look.
Velashape™ physically manipulates the collagen fibres and connective tissue to increased blood flow to the affected area, which helps shape the contours and eliminate the ugly dimpling from uneven fat distribution under the skin.
The results are impressive; a very noticeable smoothing of the skin’s surface, with reduction in cellulite and improvement of the circulation in the area. Cellulite is notoriously difficult to get rid of, and Thérapie Clinic always recommends a diet high in anti-oxidants as well as lots of water to help flush toxins from your system.
Give Thérapie Clinic a call today on 1 890 650 750 to book your VelaShape™ treatment-finally, you can start to change the way you look and learn to love your thighs again!