5 things you should do before your Laser Hair Removal appointment

Had enough of costly trips to the salon and never ending nicks and cuts from razors? It may be time to finally hang up your short term hair removal boots and join thousands of Irish men and women opting for a quick and reliable way to rid themselves of unwanted hair permanently – yes, it may be time to learn more about Laser Hair Removal.

If you’re truly ready to leave your nicks and cuts in the past, you’ll never look back as not only is Laser Hair Removal now Ireland’s most popular permanent hair removal treatment it’s now also pain free with no nasty side effects.

Providing the treatment for almost twenty years, Thérapie Clinic are Ireland’s No.1 experts in Laser Hair Removal, and they say that getting the revolutionary beauty treatment is a lot easier than you may think.

Phillip McGlade, Chief Executive Officer with Thérapie Clinic explains why, ‘When patients come to us initially they’ve usually done so because they are fed up or having to fork out large sums of money regularly for hair removal that only lasts a few weeks. That, and the fact that sometimes short term hair removal can come with its setbacks.

Waxing can be painful, and just isn’t a practical solution for many areas of the body such as the back or chest – it can also be hard on smaller areas such as the face and under the arms – making it a solution that just doesn’t work for everyone. Of course the fact that it’s painful, expensive and needs to be done very regularly to be effective makes it even less ideal – and similar to the downfalls of shaving – gives anyone with unwanted hair good reason to find out more about a permanent, affordable solution – like Laser Hair Removal.’

Sound interesting? It is, and if you’re ready to try Laser Hair Removal then here are some handy pretreatment tips to ensure you get the most from your treatments as soon as you start!

Stop waxing and using depilatory creams
Once you decide to start Laser Hair Removal it’s a good idea to stop waxing as soon as possible. The reason behind this is simple, you need to have as many hair follicles as possible present in the right stage of the hair cycle so that your treatment will be as effective as it can be to begin with. Sound a bit complicated? It’s not – here’s a little explanation that may help you to visualise this better.

There are three phases of hair growth every time a new hair is developed, and it’s important to understand that hair does not grow in unison. While one hair might be in the first stage of hair growth, the one next to it might be in the last; and that’s why one laser session will not get rid of all the hair forever.

The three stages or phases in hair growth are called anagen, catagen and telogen. The anagen stage is the perfect stage to do Laser Hair Removal as this is when the hair is available to attract and absorb the laser energy, which damages the follicle and prevents the hair from growing back.

Stopping any waxing or use of depilatory creams a few weeks before you start your Laser Hair Removal treatment will allow your hair follicles to grow in their natural stages without any disruption, and then in turn will allow your therapist to get the best results for you from the beginning of your treatment.

Remember no tweezing, waxing or plucking the area prior to your treatments – only shaving allowed! You’ll thank us in the long run!

Embrace your natural skin
Another important aspect of preparing for Laser Hair Removal is to embrace your natural skin – that means that it’s important to ensure that your treatment area is not exposed to sun for 3-4 weeks prior to treatment and should be it’s natural self in the two weeks before your appointment. That means that if you like to wear fake tan, you might need to have a little break from it to ensure you get the most from your treatment.

Why no natural or fake tan you might wonder – well it’s simple – Laser hair removal treatments work by directing a beam of light or wavelength at the pigment in your hair follicles. That wavelength then converts to heat as it passes through the skin, before being absorbed by your hair’s pigment.

This absorption damages the follicle enough to prevent future hair growth. Put simply, the stronger the hair – and the greater the contrast between your skin tone and hair colour – the easier it is for light to detect it. If the skin in the treatment area is tanned, the energy from the laser will be absorbed into the skin rather than the follicle, making your treatment less effective and putting your skin at risk from discolouration too.

Shave before your Laser Hair Removal appointment
Worried about the best way to present you’re for treatment – don’t be. The simple rule to remember is that it is always important to shave the area at least 24 hours before your appointment. Shaving on the day of your session can be tricky as it’s important to avoid nicks and cuts or the potential for the razor to lift a layer of skin as it cuts your hair. Minding your skin by shaving the day before will ensure that your skin is in the best shape possible for Laser treatment.

Use a good old fashioned razor too if you can as electric razors are not recommended as sometimes they leave your hair too long, it’s important that all hairs are cut short for your appointment.

Switch up your beauty regime
We all love a good anti-wrinkle cream or an acid that’s going to give us a glow from here to Mars, but if you’re seriously interested in getting all of the benefits from your Laser Hair Removal appointment, then you’re going to need to give the scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol creams a miss for a few days before your appointments, and also for up to two days after your appointments.
Another useful skincare trick is to up your hydration game before and during your treatment – so lather on as much extra moisture as you can. It’s time to get the nice face mist out if you’re having your treatment on your face, and use all body lotions to help you to lock in moisture if you’re having a leg or body treatment.

Think clean and fresh and be ready!
On the day of your appointment you need the area to be cleanly shaven and free from makeup, lotion, deodorant and sunscreen. Ensuring you have no fake or natural tan on your treated area is important too – but after that you are ready to go!

Your first session is something to look forward to! The team in Thérapie Clinic has over twenty years experience providing best in market Laser Hair Removal to thousands of men and women across Ireland.

And remember, if you’ve got more questions about preparing for your treatment, or indeed questions on any aspect of Laser Hair Removal then you can call the team in Thérapie at any stage before your treatment, so that you feel confident and in the know about Ireland’s favourite way to remove unwanted hair before you start your sessions!

Free consultation for all customers
Thérapie Clinic also offers every customer a free consultation to learn more about Laser Hair Removal before embarking on the permanent hair removal journey. In this half hour session your therapist will assess the area you’d like to have treated and will come up with a treatment plan for you based on this information. They’ll also answer any questions you might have, and make your first appointment for you, should you wish to go ahead.

Call Thérapie Clinic today
Thérapie Clinic is Ireland’s No.1 Laser Hair Removal Clinic, having provided over 5 million treatments to men and women across Ireland, you know that when you come to Thérapie for your Laser Hair Removal, you are in the best hands possible.

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A life free from razors, waxing and constant plucking is only a call away!

Learn more about the life changing treatment that is Laser Hair Removal by booking a free consultation with the Thérapie team in any one of their Clinics by calling 1890 650 750 or online at therapieclinic.com