Give yourself a lift with laser hair removal in London

Why get laser hair removal in London?
Let’s get honest – winter is a time when we can let our beauty routines go a little. We remove unwanted hair less frequently. After all, who cares about the hair carefully hidden under clothing? That is until we decide to jet off for some winter sun or make our annual effort to visit the gym.

Suddenly, we realise we’ve got to drag out that hair removal cream, wax or razors. It’s such a bore and a drag. But with laser hair removal at our London clinics, you can forget your unwanted hair woes. Instead, you can get on with the million and one things you would much rather be doing.

Laser hair removal – a permanent solution
That’s because laser hair removal is permanent. With the lasers sending heat to the destroy the hair follicle, those pesky hairs cannot grow back again. Can you imagine the relief of throwing away all your hair removal products? Being able to just grab your gym bag and run? Not having to go through the pain of waxing everything before your holiday?

To get these permanent results you do need a course of laser hair removal treatment so that the hairs can be treated at all stages of their growth cycle but once you’re done…that’s it!

More time for the good stuff
Laser hair removal is ideal for those that have busy lifestyles. Not having to shave or wax regularly frees up your time. If you’re a mum, that means you don’t need to worry about a load of products that need to be kept out of your child’s reach, and you can instead focus on your never-ending to-do list. Let’s face it, you don’t get to go to the loo in peace, let alone the time to shave! If you’re young, fancy-free and single, you get more time to enjoy parties and dates without all the hassle beforehand.

Laser hair removal for men
Men are increasingly wanting to remove body hair, but that’s not always easy. There’s the small issue of areas that can’t be reached alone, and the hair also tends to be thicker and coarser. This can result in painful and red ingrown hairs. However, as laser hair removal for men stops the growth of the hair, you will no longer need to worry about this or finding someone to give you a hand regularly!

Is laser hair removal painful?
You know those videos of men screeching when a wax strip is pulled off? Those don’t exist for laser hair removal treatments. Why? Because laser hair removal is not painful. Most people experience no discomfort at all, and for a few, it has just a mild tingling sensation.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Obviously, this depends on the size of the area that you are having treated. However, it is very affordable, and here at Therapie Clinic, we offer a price match guarantee for your peace of mind. We also have a special offer now where you can buy one area laser hair removal and get the second area for just 1p! As a guide, laser hair removal for the upper lip is only £19, and laser hair removal for a man’s centre brow costs £32.

Where to get laser hair removal in London
We have numerous clinics offering laser hair removal in London. For example, we have clinics in Bromley, Stratford and White City as well as our flagship clinic in Marylebone. You can find details of our clinics here, including those that are opening soon.

If you want to get the best laser hair removal in London, then give us a call on 08000 121 565 or pop into your local clinic where we’ll be more than happy to help you.