Three advantages of laser hair removal

The rise of laser hair removal in the UK
Laser hair removal has grown in popularity in the UK for a good reason. As fashion trends have moved towards smoother bodies, people have been trying to find convenient and easy ways to remove unwanted hair. The advantages and results that laser hair removal treatments offer means it has become a firm favourite of many.

Once you’ve read the advantages below, you’ll also be hanging up your trusty razor and making the switch to having laser hair removal at our UK clinics.

Results of laser hair removal
Unlike shaving, laser hair removal stops any painful, red spots developing from ingrown hairs. You can also say goodbye to any itchy stubble regrowth. Instead, the laser targets the hair follicle and disrupts it, stopping the hair from growing.

That means that laser hair removal is permanent. Because not all the hairs grow at the same time, it takes a course of treatment to get these results, but from the first treatment, you will notice a reduction in the number of hairs growing.

No other method can offer these kinds of results. That’s why it is so popular with those who’ve had enough of spending their time shaving, waxing or using messy removal creams.

Cost of laser hair removal
Prices of laser hair removal in the UK are much lower than many expect. For example, laser hair removal on the upper lip costs just £19. For added assurance, Therapie Clinic also offers a price match guarantee – if you find your laser hair removal treatment cheaper elsewhere, we’ll beat the price by 10%.

Laser hair removal on the upper lip. This treatment is available at our UK clinics.

Don’t forget that because the results are permanent, you can have your course of treatments and not need anything again. That means that laser hair removal is also cheaper than methods such as shaving and waxing, where you are continually buying the required products for decades. Let’s face it, razors are not cheap and are only set to rise in cost!

Suitable for all areas
If you have unwanted hair, then we can remove it with laser hair removal. Our UK clinics can treat any area of your body, as long as it doesn’t involve your eyes. Popular treatments include laser hair removal on legs, bikini lines and underarms.

Laser hair removal for men is also available at all our clinics and is on the increase. This often includes laser hair removal on the back and chest. The full beard treatment has proved particularly popular with the trans community.

Why Therapie Clinic
It’s clear that there are considerable advantages to laser hair removal. Our UK clinics all offer this treatment, but why choose us? Well, we’re the UK’s leading aesthetic clinic and have over twenty years of experience. During that time, we’ve delivered over five million treatments. We only employ the best medical professionals, and our clinics are fitted with the latest technology to give you great results.

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